Lent 2019

//Lent 2019

Lent 2019

by Rebecca Taylor

Each day your body produces 1.4ml of tears. Those tears serve a biological purpose: they keep your eyes healthy and functioning. So every day, 1.4ml of tears form in your eyes when you don’t cry.

But sometimes you do cry.

Babies cry an average of 1-3 hours each day. Adults cry an average of 3-6 times each month.

All of these tears, the keep-my-eye-functioning tears, the I-chopped-an-onion tears, and the I’m-overcome-with-emotion tears, add up. To be more accurate, they add up to 15 to 30 gallons of tears each year.

Tears are one of the few things every single person on earth has in common. They’re as natural and constant as breathing.

It turns out, people are fascinated with tears. From the Psalmists, to the poets of Job and Ecclesiastes, from Shakespeare to the mystics to Justin Timberlake, humans are fascinated with tears.

But what if tears are more than biological and emotional and good creative material for pop songs?

What if they’re spiritual?

What if tears reveal human longing for the Divine? What if tears cleanse our eyes from the human experience and give us glimpses of the eternal? What if tears pierce the darkness and reveal light?

Join us for our Lenten Series, Tears: Silence, Sound, and Song, Wednesdays, March 13-April 10.

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