Where Are They Now?

//Where Are They Now?

Where Are They Now?

By Rebecca Taylor

In June we said, “See you later” to Justin and Melia Colwell and sent them off to the far away land of Michigan. The truth is it’s not actually that far, but it sure felt that way! I recently asked them to send us a life update – a sort of celebrity “Where Are They Now” article, COTA style. Here’s what they had to say!

This summer has been full of adventure and transition for the Sneden Colwells! After packing up our apartment at the end of June, we made the long U-Haul trip to Indiana, where Justin’s parents graciously allowed their basement to moonlight as a storage facility. After that, we headed to Michigan with Melia’s parents for a few quick days and then struck off on a three-week East Coast adventure! During our 19 days on the road, Sandy the Sante Fe logged 3,000 miles as we traveled through nine states and two provinces, spending time in Philadelphia, Boston, Rhode Island, Northern Maine, Quebec City, Montreal, and Niagara Falls. Many podcasts, cookies, and beautiful sights were enjoyed along the way. We’re glad we made time and space for this adventure before transitioning back to “regular” life (whatever that means!).


After our trip, we lived with Melia’s parents for about a month, assuming we couldn’t buy a home until late this year or next. The current real estate market in Grand Rapids makes it nearly impossible to find a starter home without months of work. But…miraculous circumstances (known as Facebook, all-knowing mothers, and good ol’ Dutch Michigander connections) allowed us to find the perfect property. We moved our belongings from Indiana to our new house last weekend with a lot of help from both our families. We’re excited to settle in and make this house our home!

Melia recently accepted a position at a Montessori school in Grand Rapids working with 0–3 year olds. Justin took a position with a local high school as a Choral Accompanist and is building connections with local universities and musicians as a collaborative pianist and teacher. In addition, he teaches online ESL classes to children in China. The search is also on to find a new church. (Unfortunately, no magical Craigslist ads have stood out to us yet. 🙂 ) We are excited to settle in and truly root ourselves in this city!

We miss COTA and look forward seeing you all again!

Grace & peace,

Melia & Justin


Justin and Melia, huge congrats on the jobs and your new home. We miss you and we’re proud of you!

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