Church of the Apostles seeks to manifest Jesus in a broken and hurting world, representing Him as agents of His radical love. We experience His love first within our community of faith, and compelled by that love, we invite and welcome others to find a place to belong, facilitated through authentic relationships. Our worship is also incarnational as we encounter God through vibrant, formative liturgy that evokes a response. We are sent out from worship to engage others with grace and holy expectation through mission and ministry.

As we participate in the drama of salvation, we look to Scripture, the Great Tradition and God’s Spirit in order to understand how we might be agents of God’s love, creativity, incarnational presence, and transformation in the world. God is always in the process of reconciliation and restoration, and He invites us – in fact commands us – to join Him in the process. The Church, as the place where God’s rule and reign in the world is seen most clearly, should be at the forefront of helping the world to see God’s love and justice lived out.

Christ-followers are called not only to share their faith verbally but also to live their faith by serving others. Such service, characterized by meeting needs and responding to opportunities to make a difference, is relational. Church of the Apostles’ members celebrate times of joy, offer comfort in difficult situations, spend time with those who are lonely, and help those who are struggling with anything from their finances to their relationships. “Being there” for others who are both inside our church and those in our community is a powerful way to demonstrate the Lord’s presence and love.