Church of the Apostles is rooted in the apostolic faith or Great Tradition, which incorporates bedrock beliefs of the Bible, the apostolic Church, the Creeds, and orthodox Christians throughout the centuries as well as sacred practices and rhythms of the “one holy catholic and apostolic Church.”

Anglicanism embodies four components held in creative balance, and Church of the Apostles embraces these distinctives, which together represent the heart of Anglicanism:

Heart of Anglican Balance

Scriptural Foundation – We believe the Bible to be the inspired and authoritative Word of God that guides our lives and forms the basis of our prayer and worship.

Sacramental Tradition – Our worship life is consistent with the Great Tradition. Our liturgy balances and holds in holistic tension both Word and Sacrament. Specifically, we believe that celebrating the Eucharist weekly, reading the Daily Office and personal devotions are important for nourishing and empowering baptized believers.

Spirit-empowered Lives – Jesus sent the Holy Spirit at Pentecost to reveal Christ to us and dwell in us, to guide us into all truth, to distribute spiritual gifts, and to bring unity in the Body of Christ. We believe the Holy Spirit is active in the Church today, empowering, equipping, and anointing followers of Jesus for mission, ministry and community life.

Societal Transformation – Jesus launched His public ministry proclaiming that the Kingdom of God was near or inaugurated. He calls His Church to build for the Kingdom and to live under His rule and reign here and now and to be His agents of transformation. We are therefore committed to know and engage our local contexts, seeking to renew our communities specifically, and society generally, with the light and love of Jesus through the power of the Spirit.