Pentecost 15 (Proper 18B)

Date: September 6, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Isaiah 35:4-7, Psalm 146, James 2:1-17, Mark 7:24-37 |

Faith conquers fear.

Faith in action is both gift and choice. Faith in action breaks down barriers and unites families and communities. Faith in action stands against and opposes the destructive, corrosive forces of fear in all its expressions. Faith in Jesus is a gift of the Holy Spirit, transforming our fears of provision, protection, purpose, power and position into outrageous life-changing generosity and grace-filled humble fellowship within the church. We are saved by grace through faith. But our faith in action transforms us daily, moment-by-moment, setting us free to cast off the shackles of fear, insecurity, racism and breaking down the isolating walls we’ve constructed in our hearts, in the church and even in society. Faith in Jesus Christ sets us free to live and proclaim the eternal Gospel in Kansas City and beyond. Faith conquers fear, yesterday, today and forever.

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