We are saved for a purpose. Through Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross and His resurrection, we are saved by grace through faith for works. Our response to His grace is serving in word – bearing witness to Jesus’ saving grace – and deed – providing for those in need and on the margins of society. Our faith inspires and challenges us to demonstrate His love practically, moving beyond our comfort zones to nurture, heal, and help restore those in need. The Church is called to be an agent of societal transformation, one individual or family at a time, and Church of the Apostles is committed to be faithful to this call.

You will never hear the leadership of Church of the Apostles ask for “volunteers” because we believe God calls and equips each believer as a minister and uniquely wires and gifts us for the purposes He plans for us. Instead, we call individuals to the ministry God designed for them.

And let people learn to devote themselves to good works in order to meet urgent needs, so that they may not be unproductive. Titus 3:14 (NRSV)

Who is our neighbor? Jesus’ commandment to “love our neighbors as ourselves,” is broad, calling us to radical hospitality and service. Church of the Apostles takes that call to heart and both welcomes and is intentional about building a diverse congregation. We care for one another, but we are also committed to caring for those in need in our community and larger metropolitan area. We know we cannot do everything, and so we are seeking to target specific needs in our area and are building partnerships with other churches, organizations, and governmental agencies to make a difference in the everyday lives of those in our midst. From the very beginning, Church of the Apostles has taken on a number of service projects, and we consider reaching out as an essential component of our community life.

On a larger scale, addiction, pornography, human trafficking, homelessness, hunger, violence, and much more represent threats to society in North America and beyond. In the tradition of Anglican William Wilberforce, who after a powerful conversion experience devoted his political career to abolishing slavery in England, we believe we too can make a significant contribution by engaging these serious social issues with the love of Jesus Christ guiding our every thought, directing our every step.

Global missions are also a priority, and as Church of the Apostles grows, we plan to partner with other groups for overseas mission.

Contact Cynthia Brust if you want to be involved with our service projects.


Prayer undergirds everything we do at Church of the Apostles as we lift praise, thanksgiving, intercessions, and petitions to the Lord, having faith that prayer changes circumstances and hearts.

Pastoral Care

While our clergy currently represent the front lines of pastoral care at Church of the Apostles, lay leaders also administer home Communion, visit, and pray with those who are sick.


Although still in our formative stage, we are looking ahead toward building a strong vehicle for our children’s spiritual formation. We have identified the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and are working toward incorporating that curriculum at Church of the Apostles.


Worship forms the centerpiece of our community life, and the nature of that worship offers a range of service opportunities such as:

Altar Guild responsibilities, baking bread for Eucharist, lay reading, serving as Lay Eucharistic Ministers, interceding for each service, serving as greeters, assisting with hospitality, and ushering provide powerful ways to minister in the midst of worship. Visit our Glossary resource for more information about each of these ministries. We consider children an integral part of our community and worship — you can read more here.

If you are interested in any of these ministries, please contact us.


Strengthening and nurturing our community nourishes our sense of incarnational presence and desire to serve others. On the third Friday of each month, Church of the Apostles hosts Fellowship Gatherings where we enjoy great food, get to know one another, laugh a lot, sometimes cook together, and often have a jam session. If you would like to attend one of our gatherings, email us.